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We started in 2018 with a vision to serve other businesses with the best of our knowledge, experience, an SMEs in the IT industry. We at Hanumantey Software Solutions provides all IT services to assist your business flourish with the help of all latest tools, services, integration with other 3rd-party applications or services, and custom applications. We also support or upgrade your existing system to remain your lead in the competition and meeting all your business goals.

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Every business these days needs to be accessible to their customers with the most effective method. The most widely used approach for this is having a website for your own business. Other ways will be having a mobile application for your business.

The other major customers (though neglected by many) are their internal workers who need a system to help them deliver their goals professionally and efficiently. They may need a web site that only runs on your private network or Windows Applications or some other custom applications/tools.

Hanumantey Software Solutions will be one place for all your IT related products and services, be it Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Marketing, Branding, Website, Application, Testing, Consultancy, Resourcing, Project Management, etc.

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Need online presence of your own business? No worries! We provide new modern mobile-friendly and responsive websites development. If you already have an existing website, we can upgrade it to new industry standards to ensure your lead in the competition.


Having a website does not put you in front of potential customers. We provide complete SEO services to bring you into the front page of search engine results. Our SEO bundle includes Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Paid Advertising, and Website optimization. 

Windows / Intranet App

Want a custom-tailored application that runs on your organization network or a windows application to meet your custom needs? No worries! We have years of experience in developing and deploying Windows-based applications.

Mobile App

Require a mobile application for your product or services? We have a team of experts to create cross-platform applications that can be deployed and run either on Android or iOS.

Data and Documentation

You have built up an interesting product, make your online presence. What you need now is better documentation, how-to's, technical documentation, leads. We provide all this at a minimal cost.


You have a brilliant product but do you know that even the best products have bugs and UAT issues, which were not being caught in time. We provide manual and automation testing services to ensure that we catch bugs which were not found in internal testing.

Resource Management

Need manpower? Do not worry, we help you get the best human resources who add value to your organization and business. You can hire them on your payroll or if you want we can take all the pain for managing your resources and you just focus on getting things done.


UI/UX plays an important role in getting your users to experience your product and brand. A good product with bad UI/UX will not succeed. It is not limited to just high-end graphics but also how the user interacts and behavior of human being. We do understand, research and analysis, create a wireframe and mock-ups, and finalize it with deliverables.

Website and App Maintenance

Have a Website or an application already and facing challenges in it? Wanted to modify existing functionality or add more features? We provide detailed analysis of existing website and application and maintenance and enhancements to it.

Server Migration

Hosted your application or website in shared hosting? Wanted to upgrade your server or migrate/move your application or website to Cloud, such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud? We provide full support in upgrading servers or migrating your applications or websites to another servers.


We provide Corporate Trainings as well as instructor lead trainings to individuals on Microsoft Stack, WordPress, PHP, and Digital Marketing.

Marketing and Promotions

Want to reach out more targeted customers? Want to run Ads and Campaigns? We provide optimized SEM with maximum possible outcome with minimal budget of yours.

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